Tasha Photoshoot

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Early Tasha

Discovered last week, It's almost certainly Tasha despite the apparent age of the photograph

"Why did I order that extra chilly dog?"

Warning: This photo may attack you if you stare at it too long.

Adventure with Tasha Poster

Filmed early in 1969, Adventure with Tasha was an action adventure hippie love movie featuring jazzy organ music during the chase scenes

"I just turned this hawk into a statue, suggest my hair isn't it's natural color again and you're next!"

It's best not to mess with Tasha!

"Mummy's a drag"

Grave robing or last minute prom date?

"Don't hate me because I'm beautiful"

The secret to my good looks is sucking the souls out of these corpses

"Tasha WallPaper Selection"

800x600 Tasha Wall Paper

1024x768 Tasha Wall Paper

1280x1024 Tasha Wall Paper

1280x768 Tasha Wall Paper